News media warn of ‘dangerous’ draft NGO law

Al-Sabaah, the Government newspaper, published a supplement on 2 June 2009 relating to the draft Law on Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).
The law is described as ‘dangerous’.
Many of the Articles can be found here
On 8 June 2009, Niqash published a piece on this topic recording concerns expressed by NGOs.

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Heartland Alliance

Heartland Alliance, for Human Needs and Human Rights, is an independent, non-sectarian, non-profit organization founded in 1888. Amongst its aims is the provision of legal protection for people in danger, including refugees, migrants, victims of trafficking and other vulnerable populations facing discrimination or violence.
Heartland Alliance has been operating in Iraq since […]

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International Foundation for Electoral Systems

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is an NGO headquartered in Washington DC. IFES has been providing electoral assistance in Iraq since September 2003. Currently, IFES provides a broad range of operational and advisory assistance to the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) to strengthen the institution, its responsiveness and implementation capacity.

IFES provides […]

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Institute for International Law and Human Rights

The Iraq Program of the Institute for International Law and Human Rights (IILHR) (Executive Director, William ‘Spence’ Spencer) is an NGO working with Iraqi leaders to strengthen approaches to human rights and rule of law legislation by: (1) developing draft legislation and Constitutional amendments; (2) working to enact them; (3) developing a sustainable […]

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International Institute for the Rule of Law

The International Institute for the Rule of Law (IIRL) is an Iraqi NGO (Executive Director, Sermid al-Sarraf) established with the objectives of:

  • Acknowledging and supporting the long and respected judicial tradition in Iraq and work to ensure its independence
  • Bolstering the Rule of Law in its various manifestations
  • Building internal capacity among Iraqis and their Rule of […]
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