National Elections to be on 30 January 2010

The Federal Supreme Court gave its opinion on 13 May 2009 following the request of the Speaker of the Council of Representatives to the Court in its capacity as interpreter of the Constitution under Article 93(2).

The issue arising was the interpretation of Article 56 of the constitution which states:

First: The electoral term of the Council […]

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Speaker battle moves to Federal Supreme Court

On Saturday 20 February 2009, the saga of the election of a speaker of the Council of Representatives shifted to the courts when the largest Sunni political group, the Iraqi Islamic Party, part of the Iraqi Accord Front coalition, asked the Federal Supreme Court to rule on how many votes are needed to select the […]

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Iraqi Judicial Authority السلطة القضائية العراقية

The Iraqi Judicial Authority السلطة القضائية العراقية website contains links to and information about the Federal Supreme Court and the Higher Judicial Council. The excellent site contains the Federal Supreme Court’s opinions on constitutional interpretation under Article 93(2) of the Constitution and other matters; their Read More»