Bank robbers receive death sentences

rafidanOn 2 September 2009, at the Rusafa Felony Court in Baghdad, four men, all Iraqi security force members, were convicted and sentenced to death for the robbery and brutal murder of eight bank guards at the the Zuwiya […]

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Shoe Thrower to get early release

The Huffington Post reported on Saturday 29 August 2009 that the lawyer representing Muntadar al-Zaidi has stated that the Iraqi journalist, jailed after hurling his shoes at former President George W. Bush, will be released next month after his sentence was reduced for good behavior.

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Criminal Procedure Case-study (2): The killing of James Kitterman

Five men, four of them US contractors were arrested by Iraqi police as a result of an investigation into the death of US businessman, James Kitterman, in Baghdad’s International Zone. It would appear that they are not however suspected of the murder itself. On 13 June 2009 the Washington Post reported that three of […]

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Criminal Procedure Case-study (1): Abdul-Falah al-Sudani

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Former Minister of Trade, Abdul-Falah al-Sudani, was arrested on 30 May 2009 following the issue of a warrant from the court in Samawa (in Al-Muthanna Governorate in the south of the country).
Alleged Crime: Sudani, a 62-year-old dual British Iraqi national, is being questioned about accusations of squandering public money […]

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Shoe thrower’s sentence reduced on appeal to 1 year

On Tuesday 7 April 2009, journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi successfully argued before the Court of Appeal that his sentence, imposed on 12 March 2009, be reduced from 3 years to 1 year for throwing his shoes at former President Bush in December 2008 at a press conference. His lawyers contended that his offence should be […]

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‘Shoe Thrower’ gets 3 year sentence

On Thursday 12 March 2009, Muntadar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi television journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush in December 2008, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment at the Central Criminal Court.

The prosecution changed its request to the court and instead of assault of a foreign head of state contrary to Article 223 of the […]

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‘Shoe thrower’ trial adjourned

The trial of the Iraqi television journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush was adjourned after 90 minutes on Thursday 19 February 2009 until 12 March 2009.
Journalist, Muntader al-Zaidi, appeared at the Central Criminal Court, charged with assaulting a foreign leader. He was briefly questioned before the chief judge of the three judge […]

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