Anti-corruption report leaked (Updates: Minister of Trade resigns . . . arrested)

A recent report by the Commission on Integrity to the anti-corruption committee of the Council of Representatives, leaked to the Western media, set out the size of the problem facing the Iraqi government.

The BBC report is here.

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CLA and UU Meet with Speaker

April Powell-Willingham, Chibli Mallat, Hiram Chodosh, Vincent Battle, Alan Zangana, Rashid Asali and Munaf Hamed met with newly elected Speaker Iyad Sammaraie at the Council of Representatives on May 5, 2009.

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Speaker elected by Council of Representatives

On Sunday 19 April 2009, the Council of Representatives elected Ayad al-Sammaraie as the new speaker. The post of speaker has been vacant since Mahmud Mashhadani, an outspoken Sunni in Iraq’s Shiite-dominated political system, resigned on 23 December 2008. Previous attempts to elect a speaker have resulted in stalemate because no candidate has achieved an […]

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2009 Budget vetoed by Presidency Council (and subsequently passed)

On 26 March 2009, the Presidency Council (President Jalal Talabani, Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi) effectively vetoed the 2009 budget law by sending it back to the Council of Representatives which had approved it on March 5.
see Musings on Iraq
UPDATE: The Presidency Council did approve the $58.9 billion […]

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Members of the Government and Legislature 2003 to date

We have put together a list of Members of the Government and Legislature 2003 to date. We will endeavor to keep this updated and hope that it is of general assistance.

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Constitutional Review Committee

The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) ( is a committee of the Council of Representatives.

It was formed pursuant to Article 142 of the Constitution which states:

First: The Council of Representatives shall form at the beginning of its work a committee from its members representing the principal components of the Iraqi society with the mission […]

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Council of Representatives Lifts Immunity of MP

The Iraqi Parliament has lifted the immunity of an MP, leaving him liable to arrest over several fatal attacks. Sunni lawmaker Mohammed al-Daini was earlier on a flight to Jordan when the plane was made to turn around and return to Iraq. Allegations against Mr Daini include claims he was involved in the bombing of […]

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Speaker battle moves to Federal Supreme Court

On Saturday 20 February 2009, the saga of the election of a speaker of the Council of Representatives shifted to the courts when the largest Sunni political group, the Iraqi Islamic Party, part of the Iraqi Accord Front coalition, asked the Federal Supreme Court to rule on how many votes are needed to select the […]

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