Constitutional Review Committee Report

The Constitutional Review Committee sub-committee’s report suggesting amendments to the Constitution is available from the the Council of Representatives website. The document is in the form of a marked up copy of the existing constitution. Blue text is said to represent amendments and red text additions. There are also comments contained in boxes.

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Constitutional Review Committee takes action

Baghdad: The Al-Bayina newspaper reported on 12 May 2009 that MP Abbas al-Bayati, had announced the formation of a sub-committee within the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) of the Council of Representatives to consider the possibility of further constitutional amendments during the current parliamentary session or whether they should be carried over to the next session.
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Constitutional Review Committee

The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) ( is a committee of the Council of Representatives.

It was formed pursuant to Article 142 of the Constitution which states:

First: The Council of Representatives shall form at the beginning of its work a committee from its members representing the principal components of the Iraqi society with the mission […]

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