Status of Revolutionary Command Council resolutions, laws, decisions and decrees

After the 1958 Revolution, Iraq had a series of interim or temporary constitutions.

The Revolutionary Command Council as a legislative power came into being in 1963, pursuant to Law No. 25 of 1963 which was replaced by Law No. 61 of 1964, amended by Law No. 173 of 1964 and then repealed by Law No. […]

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Constitutional Review Committee Report

The Constitutional Review Committee sub-committee’s report suggesting amendments to the Constitution is available from the the Council of Representatives website. The document is in the form of a marked up copy of the existing constitution. Blue text is said to represent amendments and red text additions. There are also comments contained in boxes.

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Draft Kurdish Constitution: Updated

The Kurdistan Regional Government has posted the text of the draft Kurdistan Region of Iraq constitution on its excellent website in Arabic and in Kurdish – English translation here.

There have been a number of previous drafts – most recently in October 2008 – English translation here.

Al-Sabaah, the Iraqi Government newspaper on […]

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National Elections to be on 30 January 2010

The Federal Supreme Court gave its opinion on 13 May 2009 following the request of the Speaker of the Council of Representatives to the Court in its capacity as interpreter of the Constitution under Article 93(2).

The issue arising was the interpretation of Article 56 of the constitution which states:

First: The electoral term of the Council […]

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Professor Mallat discusses Constitution with President

IMG_0274On invitation by President Talabani, Professor Chibli Mallat, visiting Suleymaniye, discussed the Constitution with the President and Iraqi leaders including Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Barham Saleh, several Ministers and Dr. Fouad Massoum (pictured), Deputy-Chair of the […]

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Constitutional Review Committee takes action

Baghdad: The Al-Bayina newspaper reported on 12 May 2009 that MP Abbas al-Bayati, had announced the formation of a sub-committee within the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) of the Council of Representatives to consider the possibility of further constitutional amendments during the current parliamentary session or whether they should be carried over to the next session.
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Legal Developments and Constitutional Structures in Iraq

In this address, given before Global Justice Project: Iraq was established, Professor Chibli Mallat outlined the major fault lines and challenges for Iraqi law: the risk of justice denied in the implementation of the US-Iraq security agreement, a fuzzy federalism, and an incoherent judicial system.

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The Constitutions of Iraq

Iraq has had two constitutions – the monarchical constitution of 21 March 1925 introduced by the British (amended on 29 July 1925 and on 27 October 1943) and the present constitution approved by referendum on 15 October 2005. After the fall of the monarchy in 1958, a series of interim or provisional constitutions […]

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Secondary Legislation

Secondary legislation is also referred to as delegated or subordinate legislation. There are various forms of secondary legislation in Iraq.

Under the Constitution, Article 51 requires the Council of Representatives to make bylaws regulating its work. Article 73(7) gives the President (Presidential Council in the first Parliament) the power to issue Presidential Decrees. Article […]

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Constitutional Review Committee

The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) ( is a committee of the Council of Representatives.

It was formed pursuant to Article 142 of the Constitution which states:

First: The Council of Representatives shall form at the beginning of its work a committee from its members representing the principal components of the Iraqi society with the mission […]

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