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Two new publications related to the GJPI project are now available in the Amazon Marketplace:

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We value your input. Please share your thoughts and/or suggestions for the Website via this short feedback form. Thank you for your interest in the Global Justice Project – Iraq.

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Global Justice Project: Iraq

The Global Justice Project: Iraq concluded on 31 March 2010. This website will not be updated after that date but will remain as a resource archive.

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No extradition of Iraqi citizens from Iraq

The procedure regulating extradition requests to the Iraqi courts is dealt with in Articles 357 to 368 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Article 358(4) prohibits the extradtition of Iraqi Nationals.
This is echoed in Article 21 of the constitution which states:
No Iraqi shall be surrendered to foreign entities and authorities.
Similar rules are […]

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Law 23 of 2009 on Parliamentary Privileges

France 24 reports on a new law on Parliamentary privileges passed by the Council of Representatives after two attempts by the Presidency Council to challenge the law by returning it to the Parliament. Under Article 138(Fifth)(C) of the Constitution after the Presidency Council returns a law for a second time, the Council […]

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Black Iraqis claim discrimination in Basra

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) have published a fascinating short article by Abduladhim Karim about a little discussed minority in Basra.
Discrimination is contrary to Article 14 of the Constitution which states:

Iraqis are equal before the law without discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, origin, color, religion, […]

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Baha al-A’araji: 30 Draft Laws are Ready for Voting

In al-Sabaah, the government newspaper, it was reported on 17 August 2009 that Baha al-A’araji had confirmed that the next session will witness questioning of ministers and officials. He also revealed a request to lift parliamentary immunity for Adnan al-Dulaimi. The article is translated below.

Baha al-A’araji, Chair of the Legal Committee in the Council of […]

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150 Laws Waiting for Parliamentary Ratification

The Al-Sabah government newspaper on 11 August 2009 reported that “on September 8th, when the Council of Representatives will [supposedly] conclude its current summer break, it will face a big challenge. This challenge is the necessity to discuss and ratify about 150 draft laws.
The new challenge for Parliament, especially its Presidency, is the […]

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Legislation and Judiciary Magazine

The product of a labour of love from its editor, Judge Fathi Al Jawari, the Legislation and Judiciary Magazine is now in its second issue.

Issue 1 (January, February, March 2009) covered the following topics:

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SOFA referendum: Updated

Al-Sabaah, the Government newspaper, on 24 June 2008 reported on its front page that the Council of Ministers are to encourage the Council of Representatives to pass legislation to postpone the referendum on the US / Iraqi Status of Forces Agreement, which is otherwise due to take place by the end of July.
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