International Centre for Transitional Justice

The International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) has worked to contribute to the development of effective transitional justice strategies in Iraq since 2003.

Publications include:
A translation and a briefing paper on the 2008 Accountability and Justice Law;
Updates 1, 2 and 3 on the Anfal trials at the High […]

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The USAID Tatweer project (development in Arabic) provides comprehensive assistance to Iraqi ministries and offices delivering services to the Iraqi people. Tatweer helps the government of Iraq rebuild its civil service as part of a general U.S. commitment to a strong, independent Iraqi government providing its people with food, medicine, power and a better […]

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Article 140 Committee

The Committee on the Implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution chaired by Raed Fahmi Jahed, Minister of Science and Technology, was established by order of the Prime Minister. The website (in Arabic) contains a wealth of information about the Committee’s activities.

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Forum of Federations

The Forum Of Federations Iraq Project has been working with Iraqi professors of law and political science and officials from the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government.
The Forum helped to launch the Iraqi Center for Federal Studies. More generally it is an independent organization that was initiated in Canada and […]

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Iraqi Center for Federal Studies (ICFS)

The Iraqi Center for Federal Studies (ICFS) works to provide information about federalism and to build relations between academic institutions involved in research on political power-sharing elements.
ICFS has been working with the Forum of Federations and Law Schools from Universities in Baghdad, Mustansariyah, Nahrain, Basrah, Mosul, Sulaymaniyah, Dohuk, Salah Adin, Koya, Kirkuk, Tikrit, […]

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Heartland Alliance

Heartland Alliance, for Human Needs and Human Rights, is an independent, non-sectarian, non-profit organization founded in 1888. Amongst its aims is the provision of legal protection for people in danger, including refugees, migrants, victims of trafficking and other vulnerable populations facing discrimination or violence.
Heartland Alliance has been operating in Iraq since […]

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International Research & Exchanges Board

International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) supports Iraqi media outlets, journalists, media managers, and free-press advocates in their efforts to build a sustainable and professional media system as they struggle against the hardships of operating in Iraq. The project is supported by a grant from the US Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, […]

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Centre for Global Peace

The Centre for Global Peace is an arm of the American University in Washington DC. They have been working in Iraq to support the establishment of a Human Rights Commission and the ensuing National Human Rights Action Plan. Their research portal contains a number of interesting documents and useful links.

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Institute for International Law and Human Rights

The Iraq Program of the Institute for International Law and Human Rights (IILHR) (Executive Director, William ‘Spence’ Spencer) is an NGO working with Iraqi leaders to strengthen approaches to human rights and rule of law legislation by: (1) developing draft legislation and Constitutional amendments; (2) working to enact them; (3) developing a sustainable […]

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International Institute for the Rule of Law

The International Institute for the Rule of Law (IIRL) is an Iraqi NGO (Executive Director, Sermid al-Sarraf) established with the objectives of:

  • Acknowledging and supporting the long and respected judicial tradition in Iraq and work to ensure its independence
  • Bolstering the Rule of Law in its various manifestations
  • Building internal capacity among Iraqis and their Rule of […]
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