Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing cooperation among nations and promoting active international engagement by the United States. Founded in 1910, its work is nonpartisan and dedicated to achieving practical results. It describes itself as a Global Think Tank. CEIP’s website has an excellent page on […]


EUJUST LEX is a civilian crisis management operation conducted under the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). The core aim is to foster confidence, mutual respect and operational cooperation between the different branches of the Iraqi criminal justice system (police, judiciary and penitentiary). The operational phase of the EUJUST LEX mission started on 1 July […]

AECOM Iraq Legislative Strengthening Program (ILSP)

The Iraq Legislative Strengthening Program is a multi-year USAID funded program run by AECOM designed to support the Council of Representatives’ (COR) efforts at reform and institutional strengthening to better oversee government operations, legislate and represent their constituents. The program concentrates establishing a Parliamentary Center to organize training and build capacity to improve the effectiveness […]

Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT)

The acronym heavy Multinational Security Transition Command- Iraq, Directorate of Interior Affairs, Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (MNSTC-I, DoIA, CPATT) “assists in the development of the Ministry of Interior and its Forces in order to contribute to the defeat of insurgency and to create a safe and secure Iraq in which the government can establish […]

International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP)

The US Department of Justice, through the Criminal Division’s International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), works with foreign governments to develop professional and transparent law enforcement institutions that protect human rights, combat corruption, and reduce the threat of transnational crime and terrorism. Situated in the Department of Justice, with programs funded primarily by the […]

Law and Order Task Force (LAOTF)

In February 2007, the US Department of Justice and Multi National Forces-Iraq formed the Law and Order Task Force (LAOTF), a joint-Iraqi, civilian and military capacity-building organization. The task force objectives are “to assist in the development of an independent, evidence-based, transparent, and evenhanded law enforcement and judicial system that can adjudicate trials of major […]

US Embassy Rule of Law Coordinator’s Office: If you build it, they will come

The US Department of Justice maintains a Rule of Law Coordinator’s (RoLC) Office at the US Embassy in Baghdad. In May 2007, the State Department reorganized the Office of the Rule of Law Coordinator (RoLC) in Baghdad to consolidate all civilian and law enforcement efforts to support the rule of law in Iraq, under a […]

USIP / IOM report on Iraq’s displaced

Deborah Isser, senior rule of law adviser at the United States Institute of Peace, and Peter van der Auweraert senior legal adviser at the International Organisation for Migration have published a special report entitled ‘Land, Property, and the Challenge of Return for Iraq’s Displaced‘. The report draws on the assistance offered by both USIP and […]

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative: Iraq

The American Bar Association (ABA) Rule of Law Initiative has completed a number of studies of the Iraqi justice system including: The Judicial Reform Index (July 2006) for Iraq and for the Kurdistan Region; The Status of Women in Iraq: An Assessment of Iraq’s De Jure and De Facto Compliance with International Legal Standards most […]