Proposals for Reform of the Public Prosecution Service

We have translated a paper by Judge Nassir Omran al-Mousawi setting out a history of the Public Prosecution service and making proposals for further reform to enable the service to achieve its potential and fill the roles allotted to it by current Iraqi legislation. Judge Nassir notes that the Public Prosecution is not yet able […]

Looking back at the ‘Future of Iraq’

From October 2001 until early 2003 over 200 international experts and exiled Iraqi engineers, lawyers, businesspeople, doctors and others, spearheaded by the US State Department, met to discuss and advise on public health and humanitarian needs, transparency and anti-corruption, oil and energy, defense policy and institutions, transitional justice, democratic principles and procedures, local government, civil […]

Gertrude Bell’s 1920 Review of the Civil Administration of Mesopotamia

In 1920 the British Mandate power commissioned a report, written by Gertrude Bell of the Civil Administration of Mesopotamia, covering the period of the British Military Occupation up to the summer of 1920. It was applauded by both houses of the British Parliament upon receipt. She noted that “at various times modifications [had been] introduced […]