Homosexuality and the Criminal Law in Iraq: UPDATED

Criminal Law in Iraq Contrary to some international media reports, homosexuality per se is not illegal in Iraq and as far as we can tell never has been illegal. However there have been a number of reliable reports of extra judicial persecution, assault, and murder of gay men in Iraq. The Penal Code 111 of […]

Constitutional Review Committee takes action

Baghdad: The Al-Bayina newspaper reported on 12 May 2009 that MP Abbas al-Bayati, had announced the formation of a sub-committee within the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) of the Council of Representatives to consider the possibility of further constitutional amendments during the current parliamentary session or whether they should be carried over to the next session. Al-Bayati […]

Legal Developments and Constitutional Structures in Iraq

In this address, given before Global Justice Project: Iraq was established, Professor Chibli Mallat outlined the major fault lines and challenges for Iraqi law: the risk of justice denied in the implementation of the US-Iraq security agreement, a fuzzy federalism, and an incoherent judicial system.

Speaker elected by Council of Representatives

On Sunday 19 April 2009, the Council of Representatives elected Ayad al-Sammaraie as the new speaker. The post of speaker has been vacant since Mahmud Mashhadani, an outspoken Sunni in Iraq’s Shiite-dominated political system, resigned on 23 December 2008. Previous attempts to elect a speaker have resulted in stalemate because no candidate has achieved an […]

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative: Iraq

The American Bar Association (ABA) Rule of Law Initiative has completed a number of studies of the Iraqi justice system including: The Judicial Reform Index (July 2006) for Iraq and for the Kurdistan Region; The Status of Women in Iraq: An Assessment of Iraq’s De Jure and De Facto Compliance with International Legal Standards most […]

Kurdistan Region President

The Kurdistan Region President is elected under Kurdistan Law 1, Article 1 passed by the Kurdistan Parliament (formerly known as the Kurdistan National Assembly) in 2005. During the life of the regional legislature elected in 2005, the President is elected by the legislature. In future the President is to be directly elected by the people […]

Kurdistan National Assembly (rebranded as Kurdistan Parliament) passes election law

Pursuant to Law 2 of 2009 (4th Amendment to the Election Law of the National Council of Kurdistan, Iraq, Law 1 of 1992), passed on 25 March 2009, the Kurdistan National Assembly wishes to be known as the Kurdistan Parliament. The Parliament website (in Kurdish, Arabic and English) is well designed and contains news, legislation, […]