Judicial panel overturns election ban: Will review ‘democratic credentials’ of candidates after the election: Update

The Higher Judicial Council website carries news that a Special Chamber comprised of members of the Court of Cassation in Decision 108 of 2010 has decided to delay its examination of the candidates barred from participating in the election by IHEC on the recommendation of the Accountability and Justice Commission. After the election they will […]

Justice and Accountability Commission bars candidates and parties from election – Reference to Federal Supreme Court: Updated

The Washington Post reports on 8 January 2010 and 20 January 2010 that the Justice and Accountability Commission have recommended the exclusion of about 500 candidates and 15 political parties from participation in the forthcoming election on 7 March 2010. According to Asarq Alawasat on 19 January 2010, those excluded include Sunni politician Saleh al-Mutlaq, […]

Federal Supreme Court Opinion on timescale for Presidency Council veto

See here for the previous history of the 2009 amendment to the election law On 3 December 2009, the Federal Supreme Court issued Opinion 76 of 2009 confirming that the members of Presidency Council have until Sunday 6 December 2009 to consider their exercise of veto. The decision in the original Arabic can be found […]

Council of Representatives Passes Amendment to 2005 Elections Law: UPDATED ad infititum

On 8 November 2009, the Council of Representatives passed an amendment to the 2005 Elections Law. The amendment law will come into force, if it is unanimously approved by the Presidency Council pursuant to Article 138(Fifth)(A) of the Constitution, on the date of approval. The key elements of the law are: There will be 1 […]

Anti-Corruption Supplement and Elections

On 16 June 2009, Al-Sabaah, the government newspaper, published a supplement on anti-corruption including articles on electoral corruption, lessons to be learned form the Lebanese experience, political parties draft law, abuse of the education system, NGOs and civil society and Transparency International. Transparency International’s 2009 Global Corruption Report presents the main findings of a public […]