Supreme Commission for Accountability and Justice Law

We have translated the Law No. 10 of 2008, taken from the original on the Council of Representatives website.

The International Centre for Transitional Justice published a briefing paper on the 2008 Law on 22 January 2008.

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‘Most banned Iraqi poll candidates’ appeals rejected’

The Washington Post on Tuesday 9 February 2010 carried the story that ‘an Iraqi legal body said on Tuesday’ that “almost all the candidates who contested their ban from Iraq’s upcoming parliamentary election did not submit their cases properly and lost the chance to appeal”.

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Vetting process to be completed by Friday 12 February 2010

The New York Times reported on 7 February 2010 that an emergency session of Parliament called by Prime Minister Maliki to deal with the latest election crisis failed to muster a quorum on Sunday and was postponed. The seven-member Electoral Judicial Panel is reported to have begun reviewing the disqualifications case by case and […]

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IHEC delays the start of election campaign

The BBC reported on 4 February 2010 that the Independent High Electoral Commission had delayed the start of the election campaign from Sunday 7 February 2010 until Friday 12 February 2010 to allow time for an emergency parliamentary debate, to be held on Sunday 7 February 2010, following the court ruling of 3 […]

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Judicial panel overturns election ban: Will review ‘democratic credentials’ of candidates after the election: Update

The Higher Judicial Council website carries news that a Special Chamber comprised of members of the Court of Cassation in Decision 108 of 2010 has decided to delay its examination of the candidates barred from participating in the election by IHEC on the recommendation of the Accountability and Justice Commission. After the election […]

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