Three decisions of the Court of Cassation – Penal Board

The Higher Judicial Council have published a judicial bulletin containing a number of prominent decisions of the Cassation Court and in addition, research, studies and news.
The three decisions of the on criminal law are outlined beneath:

  • 144 of 2007: If the confession of an accused is contradicted by other evidence collected in the case, including statements of those participating in arresting him, the retraction of his confession before the relevant court makes his confession imperfect and it cannot be used as basis for sound judicial judgment.
  • 171 of 2007: If the confession of the accused, before the competent investigative judge, is of committing a crime as described in the confession and the confession is supported with evidence such as the autopsy form and the crime scene investigation and its plan, this confession is recognized as sufficient for conviction and not voided by a subsequent retraction of the confession before the relevant court.
  • 129 of 2008: The rules of the committees assigned to the implementation of Amnesty Law No. 19 of 2008 and subject to cassation before the Court of Appeal in its cassation function do not exclude the Court of Cassation from the right to oversee these decisions.