Higher Judicial Council hosts criminal evidence conference

Posted on | January 18, 2010

On 24 December 2009, the Higher Judicial Council hosted a conference on criminal evidence. The opening address was given by Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud and speakers included Prime Minister Al-Maliki and the US, UK and Australian Ambassadors. Representatives from the Ministry of Interior including Brigadier Dr. Iden Khalid, Deputy Interior Minister, from the judiciary including the Chief Prosecutor, Judge Ghadhenfer Al Jassim, and from the Medio-Legal Institute including Dr. Raoof, discussed the ways in which criminal evidence could supplant the use of confessions in Iraqi courts.
This was the first event of its kind to be hosted at the Higher Judicial Council’s new Judicial Development Institute in Karkh.
The Higher Judicial Council has issued a press release about the event here.