AECOM Iraq Legislative Strengthening Program (ILSP)

Posted on | December 27, 2009

The Iraq Legislative Strengthening Program is a multi-year USAID funded program run by AECOM designed to support the Council of Representatives’ (COR) efforts at reform and institutional strengthening to better oversee government operations, legislate and represent their constituents. The program concentrates establishing a Parliamentary Center to organize training and build capacity to improve the effectiveness of the COR’s Members and staff. A team of international and local professionals, resident in Baghdad, works with the COR’s Members and staff as advisors, trainers, and mentors to assesses current practices and operations and help implement agreed upon reforms. The program targets its resources on the all-important standing committees, the secretariat, its research section, as well as its media and public affairs operations. The program expects to realize tangible improvements during the current parliamentary term, and to help orient new Members and continue the reforms well into the second parliament following national elections in 2010.