AECOM Iraq Legislative Strengthening Program (ILSP)

The Iraq Legislative Strengthening Program is a multi-year USAID funded program run by AECOM designed to support the Council of Representatives’ (COR) efforts at reform and institutional strengthening to better oversee government operations, legislate and represent their constituents. The program concentrates establishing a Parliamentary Center to organize training and build capacity to improve the […]

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Public Prosecutor Law No. 159 of 1979

The Public Prosecutor Law No. 159 of 1979, published in the Official Gazette, issue 2746 of 17 December 1979, was one of a number of laws enacted under the only partly realised law reform project which emerged from the Legal System Reform Law No. 35 of 1977. This was an attempt to use […]

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kashf al-dalala ‘Discovering the evidence’

‘Discovering the evidence’ (kashf al-dalala) is a procedure whereby an accused who has made a confession is taken to the crime scene in order to explain to the investigative judge, or any other person taking the investigative judge’s place in conducting the investigation, the actions that the accused took in committing the crime. Usually, police […]

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When does life really mean life?

The Iraqi Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 in article 87 defines the term ‘life imprisonment’ (sijn mua’abbad) as “the confinement of a convicted person in a penal institution set up by law for that purpose for a period of 20 years”. This form of punishment could apply when a serious crime such as intentional […]

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Looking back at the ‘Future of Iraq’

From October 2001 until early 2003 over 200 international experts and exiled Iraqi engineers, lawyers, businesspeople, doctors and others, spearheaded by the US State Department, met to discuss and advise on public health and humanitarian needs, transparency and anti-corruption, oil and energy, defense policy and institutions, transitional justice, democratic principles and procedures, local government, civil […]

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Federal Supreme Court Opinion on timescale for Presidency Council veto

See here for the previous history of the 2009 amendment to the election law

On 3 December 2009, the Federal Supreme Court issued Opinion 76 of 2009 confirming that the members of Presidency Council have until Sunday 6 December 2009 to consider their exercise of veto.

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