Guardian fined for reporting criticism of Prime Minister Maliki

Posted on | November 13, 2009

The British Guardian newspaper reported on 12 November 2009 that it had been fined 100 million dinars by an Iraqi court for reporting criticism of the country’s prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki. the fine was paid to al-Maliki as damages for defamation.
Al-Maliki’s Dawa party issued a statement on Thursday 12 November 2009 denying that the prime minister had been behind the court ruling over the April article, claiming that the case had been brought by the Iraqi national intelligence service (INIS) without prompting from the political leadership.
Article 38 of the 2005 Iraqi Constitution states:
The State shall guarantee in a way that does not violate public order and morality:
A. Freedom of expression using all means.
B. Freedom of press, printing, advertisement, media and publication.
C. Freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration, and this shall be regulated by law.

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