Legislation and Judiciary Magazine

The product of a labour of love from its editor, Judge Fathi Al Jawari, the Legislation and Judiciary Magazine is now in its second issue.

Issue 1 (January, February, March 2009) covered the following topics:

  • Editorial Opinion: Words that need to be said
  • Commendations
  • Research and Studies:
    • Federalism and Decentralization in the 2005 Iraqi Constitution
    • Philosophy of Government in the Parliamentary System and the Iraqi Constitutional Concept
    • Government Specialties in the Iraqi Constitutions
    • The Legislative Specialties of Parliament in Financial Affairs
  • Regulations and Resolutions
  • Thesis (Constitutional Questions in Iraq 1921-2005)
  • Judicial Promotion Research Paper (Evacuation for a compulsive necessity and the judge’s powers of assessing it)
  • Legislation and Judicial News
  • Legislation and Judicial Library

Issue 2 (April, May, June 2009) covered the following topics:

  • Welcome to the magazine
  • Introduction – Law and Society
  • Research and Studies
    • Defining the crime of terrorism
    • The role of the executive in ensuring Judicial Independence
    • Views on the Unified Retirement Law
    • The crime of money laundering
    • A monetary reading of the new University Service Law
    • The legal characterization of the university teaching contract
  • Regulations and Decisions.
  • Comments on Judgments
  • Letters of universities
    • Assault Crimes
  • Research for Judicial Promotion
    • A patient’s statement of terminal illness in the Iraqi Civil Law
  • Reading for you
    • Obligations of the occupying country towards the occupied country
  • Legislation and Judiciary News
  • Legislation and Judiciary Library

Copies of the magazine may be obtained from the editor at tqmaga@gmail.com