Law and Order Task Force (LAOTF)

Posted on | June 15, 2009

In February 2007, the US Department of Justice and Multi National Forces-Iraq formed the Law and Order Task Force (LAOTF), a joint-Iraqi, civilian and military capacity-building organization. The task force objectives are “to assist in the development of an independent, evidence-based, transparent, and evenhanded law enforcement and judicial system that can adjudicate trials of major crimes before the Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI).” The task force consists of civilian and military attorneys, paralegals, and criminal investigators who train, mentor and assist Iraqi police and judges to reform, strengthen and expand the rule of law.

LAOTF is based on a secure compound, known as the Rusafa Complex, located just outside the international zone in Baghdad. In addition to serving as the headquarters for the task force, the Rusafa Complex provides secure housing for judges and a secure courthouse allowing members of the Iraqi judiciary to adjudicate cases in a safe environment.

Since April 2009 the CCCI at Rusafa has merged with the Karada Felony Court.