Ministry of Interior and Higher Judicial Council collaborate to combat corruption

Posted on | May 29, 2009

The Ministry of Interior website on 28 May 2009 noted the formation of a central operations facility and the allocation of inspection units of the Ministry of the Interior and the High Judicial Council as part of the national campaign to combat corruption.

The Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Ali Mohsen Alaak, in presiding over the plenary meeting of the Joint Anti-Corruption Council (JACC) on Thursday 21/5/2009, noted “the presence of representatives of agencies involved in the fight against corruption, and the determination and will of the government and the organs of control and inspection to reduce corruption”

The JACC announced the formation of a central operation facility of the organs involved and the allocation of inspection units of the Ministry of the Interior and the Supreme Judicial Council to begin the anti-corruption campaign in the constituencies and institutions where the phenomena of corruption has arisen. The JACC called for transactions between citizens and public bodies to be carried out respectfully and without delay for citizens and without payment of amounts above those properly set by regulation. The JACC also demanded the public sector heads of departments combat the occurrance of intermediaries, bribery and delay in completing the transactions. The Council commended the Prime Minister’s request to provide the names of officials and managers in corrupt departments so that strict action could be taken against them. The Council also called on religious, social and civil society organizations and the media to support the aims of the anti-corruption campaign and to contribute in raising public awareness.