Members of the Government and Legislature 2003 to date

We have put together a list of Members of the Government and Legislature 2003 to date. We will endeavor to keep this updated and hope that it is of general assistance.

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Secondary Legislation

Secondary legislation is also referred to as delegated or subordinate legislation. There are various forms of secondary legislation in Iraq.

Under the Constitution, Article 51 requires the Council of Representatives to make bylaws regulating its work. Article 73(7) gives the President (Presidential Council in the first Parliament) the power to issue Presidential Decrees. Article […]

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Constitutional Review Committee

The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) ( is a committee of the Council of Representatives.

It was formed pursuant to Article 142 of the Constitution which states:

First: The Council of Representatives shall form at the beginning of its work a committee from its members representing the principal components of the Iraqi society with the mission […]

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Alphabet City

Any engagement with the International donor community in Iraq and particularly in the International Zone in Baghdad requires a familiarity with a vast array of acronyms. We hope that the list which we have called Alphabet City is of some assistance.

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Council of Representatives Lifts Immunity of MP

The Iraqi Parliament has lifted the immunity of an MP, leaving him liable to arrest over several fatal attacks. Sunni lawmaker Mohammed al-Daini was earlier on a flight to Jordan when the plane was made to turn around and return to Iraq. Allegations against Mr Daini include claims he was involved in the bombing of […]

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The Ground Truth in Iraq blog

The Ground Truth in Iraq is an interesting and literate blog which has a good analysis of the Provincial Council Results and an report on Iraqi’s Anti Corruption Agencies amongst many other useful posts.

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Arab Law Quarterly

The Arab Law Quarterly (Consulting Editor: W.M. Ballantyne; Editor in Chief: M.S.W. Hoyle) is a very expensive but frequently useful journal published by Brill and now in its 23rd year. It is available online for subscribers and articles may be purchased on an individual basis.

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Speaker battle moves to Federal Supreme Court

On Saturday 20 February 2009, the saga of the election of a speaker of the Council of Representatives shifted to the courts when the largest Sunni political group, the Iraqi Islamic Party, part of the Iraqi Accord Front coalition, asked the Federal Supreme Court to rule on how many votes are needed to select the […]

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‘Shoe thrower’ trial adjourned

The trial of the Iraqi television journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush was adjourned after 90 minutes on Thursday 19 February 2009 until 12 March 2009.
Journalist, Muntader al-Zaidi, appeared at the Central Criminal Court, charged with assaulting a foreign leader. He was briefly questioned before the chief judge of the three judge […]

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New Minister of Justice

The Council of Representatives on Thursday 19 February 2009 voted to designate Judge Dara Nur al-Din as the new Minister of Justice.
Judge Nur al-Din, as a Civil Court of Appeal judge in Baghdad, declared a decree by Saddam Hussein to be unconstitutional which led to his imprisonment in 2002.
An independent Kurd, he was […]

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